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In which Mercury and friends come up with insane ideas

So a few of you have already seen my playthrough streams and know we have some pretty wacky times there. I’ve recently introduced some friends to Kamen Rider (Fourze, to be exact), and I received a challenge.

Do a Kamen Rider-based playthrough of a Pokemon game. This seemed like a crazy idea that had potential to go horribly wrong, so of course I’m gonna do it. Anyway, here’s what I’ve thought of so far:

  • First of all, it’s gonna be Platinum because why not
  • Name the protagonist for Shotaro Ishinomori. Not sure what to call the rival as of yet.
  • Ride the bike as often as possible. A Kamen Rider needs their Rider Machine, after all.
  • All captured Pokemon get named for a Rider, or at least a character from a Rider series. I’ve made a list I can double-check at any time.
  • Shout “HENSHIN!” before major battles and spout appropriate catchphrases at any given time.
  • Team Galactic is Shocker and shall be referred to as such. Or possibly “Space Shocker” to commemorate the upcoming Super Hero Taisen Z.
  • All inconsistencies are Decade’s fault. Alternately, Wizard did it.


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