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So recently, it’s become something of an odd running gag between my friends that I should sing “Your Song” to the girl I’m interested in. This has been suggested on several occasions by people who don’t even talk to each other.

And now you’ve got it stuck in my head, dammit.

But uh, basically, I thought that A: I would post the song and get it stuck in all your heads as revenge and B: make a promise right here that if things work out and I do get together with her, I’ll do my best to record me singing this song to her (or at least record me singing it at some point) and I’ll post it on Tumblr for your amusement.

(it’s kinda funny because hers really are the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen alhgs;lhgalskha;slkh)
(…they’re blue, incidentally)

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